Sun Valley Youth Center

Sun Valley Youth Center is committed to giving Denver’s poorest neighborhood a hope for the future. With a focus on transforming the lives of at-risk youth in this low-income, public-housing neighborhood, Sun Valley Youth Center provides day care, after-school care, youth development, mentoring, and life-essentials programs to help raise up the neighborhood’s youth.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:

After School Tutor

For Individuals • Weekly or Regularly • Various Times

Vital to our mission at Sun Valley Youth Center is the encouragement of our youth to succeed from all fronts, and one of our largest areas of need is dedicated tutors to help our students with their homework.


For Individuals • Weekly • Various Times

Sun Valley Youth Center’s internship program provides excelent exposure to engaging with urban youth and the surrounding community. Our interns do different activities based on their gifts, and we would love to dedicate ourselves to finding your fit in our programs


For Individuals • Weekly • Various Times

The mentoring program at Sun Valley Youth Center allows for our students to have one buddy that they can consistently spend about three hours on one day of each week with, with the hopes that they might continue to have great influences in their life.

Maintenance Crew

For Individuals and Groups • Regularly or Occasionally • Various Times

Sun Valley Youth Center is in need of volunteers willing to work maintenance for 5-10 hours a month on weekends or pre-program hours. We are looking for individuals willing to dedicate themselves to the general upkeep of the facilities that we use each day.

Contact Information:

Diamond Sykes